About Chan Oost



Chan Oost is a hair company which was started by entrepreneur Channiël Oostburg, due to the love and passion she has for fashion and hairstyling.
Established in Suriname, South America, Chan Oost has expanded to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Channiël has been in the fashion industry for 7 years now and she is pursuing her dream of becoming a top stylist and well respected businesswoman.
“My love for fashion and my drive of being a trendsetter have given me the motivation to bring Chan Oost to the world. I am not focused on building a brand to make anyone beautiful, I'd rather enhance the beauty God has given each one of us”.

Our goal is to satisfy every woman's fashion desire.  We carefully choose our products and make sure the quality is good. 

Currently we are a health care provider specializing in medical wigs and hairpieces for those who suffer from hairloss due to medical conditions. We make sure our wigs are not just a "medical piece" but we make it fashionable and stylish. For more information about the medical units send us an email info@chanoost.com. 

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