Custom made units

Purchased bundles, closures and frontals can be made into custom wig units. When purchasing the hair make sure you add "custom made unit" to the chart.

How it works:

  • Click on "Custom made unit"
  • Select your lace type
  • Add this to your chart alongside the bundles & frontal/closure of your liking


Do you have an example of the wig you prefer? Send us the details and we will make sure it's made.

For more information send us an email on or send a whatsapp message on +31644557131. 


General information

  • Allow all orders 48 hours to be processed, delivery information is found on the website.
  • All sales are final! No returns or refunds.
  • Deepcondition your units often for the best results and always use heat protector when styling with hot tools to extand the longevity of the wig.
  • Wig installation can be planned according to our availability, email us on or whatsapp us on +31644557131 to schedule an appointment. (Cost € 75,-)